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Max and Gus

Max and Gus
Max and Gus

Max (a NUFOREST miniature red wirehair) and doxie friend Gus, live in Texas most of the year with their owners, Mr. & Mrs. Greenberg.

When it is time for a vacation they travel to their summer-home on the Atlantic sea shore.  I wonder if we should offer to accompany them as they might need someone to walk the dogs on the beach.


Jenny MW
Jenny MW

This is Jenny who was sold as a pet to The Rosendahl Family as an 8 week old puppy.
Jenny is a red miniature wire.

The Rosendahl’s keep her coat neat and tidy with frequent visits to the grooming shop near their home.

Guinness and Savannah


Guinness, purchased as a puppy from NUFOREST, is an 18-month-old black and tan Dachshund. She was named after the Irish beer and the common black and tan drink.

She loves to hike in the Eastern Sierra and sit in her sling-carrier while fly fishing with her person. Guinness also enjoys playing fetch with old tennis balls.

Savannah is a 15-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Her name comes from the savannah region in Africa where her breed hunts lions.  Savannah also hikes and fly fishes with her person. On these trips, she carries her own backpack because she drank all of her person’s water on their first trip.

Both Guinness and Savannah enjoy long walks, sun baths on the pool deck and chewing nyla-bones. The dogs are best friends, fighting and playing like true siblings.

Guinness is a mini dachshund at 9 pounds while sister Savannah is 75 pounds and still growing.

Guinness and Savannah are owned by Kathy LaMaster


Savannah makes her own trails when hiking with her person.
Guinness, relaxing by the pool.


Dink and Dash

Hi Susan,

Dink and Dash
Dink and Dash

Happy New Year to you and Bill, and thank you for the holiday post card and the reminder about vaccinations, training, etc.

Dash is 7 months old today, and we will be starting our dog training class on January 5th.  Gawd only knows that I need it….I am adept at training Labradors, but Doxies are a different matter all together.  So far, when I call Dash, he remains wherever he is and waits for me to come and find him (similar to his cousin Dink, I might add !).  Clearly, I’m the one that needs training.

Dash was neutered on 12/21, and weathered the procedure beautifully.  He was ouchy during the night, but other than that, he was back in 110% action almost immediately, wrestling with his “brother”, Murphy, who is a 1.5 year old Lab.  My Mom cannot believe I call them brothers, and has taken referring to them as brothers with different mothers…

I would like to take you up on your offer of reading a copy of the San Diego Dachshund club newsletter. Thank you for the offer !

My sister Ellen and I are flirting with the idea of buying littermates from you next summer…perhaps we are crazy, but as you well know, one Doxie is just not enough!

Take care of yourself, and I will stay in contact !

Tracy Buie. & Dash (Dink, the wirehair is owned by Ellen Morrison)


Peanut-in-Garden-1This is Peanut.
Please tell us what you think… isn’t he a beauty?
The Guerra Family


Peanut-in-Garden-3 Peanut-in-Garden-2



Hi Susan,
I’m sending you a new pic of Max. Thought you might like to put him in the “gallery.” Hope you and Bill have a wonderful new year. I’m also including one in his bomber attire. He’s very patient with me and will pose.
Beth Mehocic