Definitions of Frequently Used Terms

Below is a listing of terms and abbreviations that are frequently used throughout our site. If you see something missing, or would like additional info, feel free to send us an E-mail.

CD: Companion Dog (the first of several Obedience Titles)
CDX: Companion Dog Excellent (the second level of Obedience Titles)
CERF: Canine Eye Registration Foundation (all breeding stock should have their eyes checked annually and if no problems are diagnosed the eyes can be registered with CERF)
CGC: Canine Good Citizen (a test that shows your dog  is well socialized and well behaved)
CH: Abbreviation for CHAMPION (Show Champion)
Croup: The area of the back directly above the hind legs.
DC: Dual Champion (Field CH and Show CH)
Elbow: The joint of the forearm and upper arm.
Earthdog Trial: Finding a caged rat in a man-made tunnel.(Also called a Den Trial):
FC: Field Champion.
Forearm: The portion of the front leg going from the dog’s elbow to its pastern.
Harefoot: An elongated oval paw, similar to the foot of a hare.
Hock: The joint between the second thigh and the metatarsus on the hind legs.
Keel: The projecting longitudinal line that runs along the center of the chest and the bottom of the rib cage.
Knuckling over: A double-jointed wrist that doubles over when bearing the dog’s weight; sometimes includes an enlarged, protruding bone.
JE: Junior Earthdog (the first title earned at an Earthdog Trial).
Loin: The side areas between the dog’s ribs and hindquarters.
ME: Master Earthdog (the second level title)
Metatarsus: Part of the hind foot.
ML: Abbreviation for Miniature Longhair.
MS: Abbreviation for Miniature Smooth.
MW: Abbreviation for Miniature Wirehair.
OTCh: Obedience Trial Champion (need a CD, CDX and UD and lots of tough completion to earn OTCh).
SE: Senior Earthdog (the most advanced Earthdog title).
SL: Abbreviation for Standard Longhair.
SS: Abbreviation for Standard Smooth.
SW: Abbreviation for Standard Wirehair.
Stifle: The joint of the hind leg; similar to a human knee.
Stop: The place where the skull and nose meet.
TC: Triple Champion having earned titiles in conformation (Ch.), field (FC) and obedience (OTCh.)
TD: Tracking Dog (following a scent-trail).
TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent (following a more complicated scent-trail).
Thorax: The breastplate; the cavity in which the heart and lungs lie.
Tuck up: A shallowness of the body at the loin, causing the appearance of a waist.
UD: Utility Dog (one of the highest obedience titles).
UDX: Utility Dog Excellent (even better the UD).
Upper Arm: Between the forearm and the shoulder blade on the front leg.
VST: Variable Surface Tracking (following a scent-trail over concrete, grass, asphalt, etc.).
Walleye: A blue-or pearl-colored eye caused by a whitening of the iris.
Withers: The highest point of the back, top of the shoulder area above the front legs.

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