Malibu Yacht Club

MYCBill and I have been members of Malibu Yacht Club for longer then we’ve had Dachshunds!

Bill has been a member of MYC since the early 1950’s and I became a member in 1966. We actually met at a small boat regatta held at Coronado Yacht Club where I was a member.

Since then we have spent many thousands of hours bay sailing, day sailing and deep water sailing. Bill has been the 12′ Malibu Outrigger National Champion, has shared the honor of being the 18′ Malibu Outrigger National

Champion with his father, and the Victory National Champion with my brother, Paul Wood. I’ve crewed on a 36 foot sailboat from Hawaii to San Francisco after the Trans-pac Race. Bill and I have crewed for my brother in his 65′ MacGregor sailboat, named Redwing, for several trips across the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston TX to Key West, the Dry Tortuga’s and the Bahamas.

Malibu Outrigger #44 was the first of several 18' Malibu Outriggers for the Buck Family.
Malibu Outrigger #44 was the first of several
18′ Malibu Outriggers for the Buck Family.

To bring this into context with Dachshunds, let me add here that Miniature Dachshunds can easily be litter-box trained like a cat. Surprisingly there are quite a few Dachshunds that have their sea-legs and travel the oceans on their owner’s yachts. A litter-box trained Doxie never has to go ashore to do it’s “business”. Dachshunds are also great at keeping rats from boarding and doing damage to wiring, insulation, etc.

Don’t have a boat? Take your Doxie with you in the car! Most Dachshunds love to travel. There are almost always Dachshunds traveling in Motorhomes, campers, trailers & 5th wheels. When you drive the interstate highway systems check out the pet walking areas at the rest stops. You’ll see Dachshunds!

Want to know more about litterbox training your Dachshund or about traveling with your pet? Ask me! Want to talk about Malibu Outriggers, Victory Sailboats, our sailing adventures? Ask me!!

If you want more information, please contact: Susan Buck, (760) 789-0592 E-mail: NUFOREST@AOL.COM