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Here are some photos of our two boys and our mother’s (Enzo). We moved from Seattle to Tempe so we spend most weekends with my parents in Scottsdale, enjoying pool time.

Our boys, Hank and Archie— LOVE TO SWIM. In order, here’s Hank, then Archie, then all three, Hank, Arch and Enzo. We will send photos of Frankie the long hair one day too (she doesn’t like the pool).


Hello Bill and Susan-
My name is Eddie Ruiz and about a year ago we welcomed Cosmo into our home. We can’t get enough of the little guy and we are looking to add to our family. I’m looking for a mini wirehair female so he can have a friend to grow old with. I am not looking to breed. Please let me know if there is any availability now or in the near future. 
Eddie R


Hi Susan and Bill
I was wondering if the NEW puppy is old enough to get a picture that I can send to our daughter.  She is so happy to be getting a puppy that I thought a photo would make her just over the moon. 

I’m sending a photo on vacation at June Lake  of Nuforest  Rowdy Pistol Pete’s son.  He was helping Ken catch trout on  and bring on the Boat. He just turned 8.

Thank you if possible.
Susan W.


Hello Bill & Susan, 
We got our lovely sweet Allie (Alligator Gozer born March 1 2010) from you over 10 years ago! She’s doing great and we are looking to get her a friend.

Our kids are now old enough to enjoy a new puppy and since everyone will be home for unforeseeable future we figured it’s a great time. 

Inna Q.


Hey Bill and Susan,I appreciate the postcard, just got it the mail today.  Henry is doing well.  He gets along very well with our family and the other dachshunds we have between us. 

He is continuing his vitamins and has been switched to adult dog food.  He has all of his vaccinations and it potty trained.  Our family cannot thank you enough for everything you have done.  I’ll include a few pictures.  Thanks for everything!


Hi Susan & Bill
As Daisy is approaching 9 months old mid October, we thought you’d like to see how “Nuforest Princess Whoopsy-Daisy Von Yermo MWP” is doing since the 6 month mark.
As you can see she is beautiful (& with a personality to match). We are very happy that she loves being and playing with people as well as other dogs…and they love her back !
We can safely say she’s housebroken, sleeps in her kennel without issue,  and knows some basic commands. (For some reason “come” is not there yet :). She’s getting used to the stripping comb as well, at the groomers.

Enjoy the photos, and we’ll send more on her first birthday.
All the best,
Tom & Steve

Hi Sue and Bill.. It’s Tom & Steve in Cathedral City. On “Daisy’s” 14 week birthday we wanted to show you how she’s doing. She’s really active, inquisitive, playful, and loves playing “fetch” for hours! Walking on a leash is going well, and while house breaking is always a challenge… she almost has it figured out. 

Learning to sleep in the crate was pretty easy, and now we can get at least 7 hours before it’s time to go out. 

Lastly her shots are being kept on schedule with a vet here who agreed to take her as a new patient, and as of last Friday weighs 5 lbs. 

We are so glad we got her, especially in these trying times she brings us a lot of fun and challenges 🙂

I hope this finds you well. Take care 


Bill and Susan
Just checking in again with you all! I’m doing well and showing my doggy parents how smart I’m getting!
Pet my mommy and daddy for me 

We finally found a cozy bed Buddy loves to rest in during the day unless he’s in our lap when not crated at night.  We so enjoy his cuteness and strong tenacious personality!  

Lisa Marie Ives
We The People…

Buddy proud of his new Dachshund collar!


Good morning,

Thank you for your postcard. All is good with our pup. She is healthy and happy and we love her to pieces!  She is all done with her vaccinations and just had the blood work to get spade at the end of the month.  She’s all registered. We followed your instructions to the letter. Thank you for the guidance.

We are so grateful to have her in our family. She’s a funny little dog and a big hit in the neighborhood!!! Everyone knows her.

I do wish she would stop eating bees though…she’s had one trip to urgent care already due to an allergic reaction and a stinger in her tongue. I’m not sure she has learned her lesson because she hasn’t met a bug she didn’t want to play with. Otherwise healthy as can be at 7.6 pounds.

Best wishes,