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Good morning,

Thank you for your postcard. All is good with our pup. She is healthy and happy and we love her to pieces!  She is all done with her vaccinations and just had the blood work to get spade at the end of the month.  She’s all registered. We followed your instructions to the letter. Thank you for the guidance.

We are so grateful to have her in our family. She’s a funny little dog and a big hit in the neighborhood!!! Everyone knows her.

I do wish she would stop eating bees though…she’s had one trip to urgent care already due to an allergic reaction and a stinger in her tongue. I’m not sure she has learned her lesson because she hasn’t met a bug she didn’t want to play with. Otherwise healthy as can be at 7.6 pounds.

Best wishes,


Omega’s Gutsy Grizelda of Nuforest

About 10 1/2 years ago I purchased a mini wirehair from you. I named her Omega’s Gutsy Grizelda of Nuforest.

She is spayed. She is very smart, sweet, spoiled, the love of our lives (even my husband’s who thinks the only good dog is a hotdog and he didn’t mean Dachshunds)

I thought you might like to see a picture of her. I have never seen another that looks like her. I have included the puppy picture of her.


Uschi Von Sussex

Hello Bill ,
We just received your postcard and we want to update you on our darling fur baby. We are so in love with this adorable, fun loving dachshund. She loves her toys and is completely spoiled. She is all caught up on her shots and is AKC registered.

Sylvia G.


Good afternoon Mr. Buck,

We have been enjoying our little boy Hoagie so much.  He has been accepted by all members of the family, both two-legged and four-legged.  We could be happier! 


Lulu & Frieda

Hi Susan!

Got your postcard and made me think of you all.  Hope you have stayed well during these very trying times……..  I have attached photos of Lulu- B/T-6yrs and Frieda/ R/W Pie-11 months you and Bill delivered in November/2019 to our home in Denver.  Everyone is well and they LOVE that mommy works from home almost every day and will continue to do so……

Let us know you guys are ok!




Bill and Susan,
Our baby turned 17 years old today!  We are so happy that we found your dog service.I still remember my 8-year-old son “picking” out Tommy from your many litters.Tommy has been such a good and loving dog to our family.  He is currently deaf and blind, but we give him constant love.
The G. Family


Ziggy… I’m so happy with him. He has such a wonderful spirit and is the sweetest little guy.  Thanks again for your willingness to let me get him.   I’m also considering getting another one to let them grow up together so I’d love to hear about upcoming litters.  Here’s a few pics of Ziggy.  I’m totally in love with him. 

Thx again!  Brian.


Hey Bill, just wanted you to  know that a rescue  that I adopted  from you  11 years is still a pleasure.   Here is a picture of the  pack. 
Hoping  you guys are doing well. 


Dear Susan and Bill,

Thank you again for hosting me and my friend Izzy at your home on Thursday – it was so nice to meet you and to see all the beautiful doxies 🐶☺️! I’ve attached a few pics of Juni and I. She really is the sweetest little girl I’ve met. So affectionate, kind, and also a little cheeky too 😉 I cant wait for her to come home to me on May 25th!!

I hope your trip across the country is going well. Travel safe and I’ll talk to you soon.

Warm Wishes,