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Hi, Bill and Susan.  I wanted to share some photos of Bond at 6 months and 7 months.  He’s a handsome boy!  Doing great, growing well.  We love him so much. Hope all is well with you, Minda


Abby is doing great, and started sleeping next to my head from the first night.  She and Taffy have many play times, and get along great.  Abby is fearless, and chases Taffy as much as Taffy chases her.  She is strangely mature for being so young.  Sometimes I believe that our new pups can channel our previous dogs.  She’s a good one, and is beautiful, brave, and gentle.  We look forward to many years with her.

Mr Einstein

I’ve been bragging about what a nice kennel & people!! 
Thank you so much for everything! 

Our Mr. Einstein is doing great & growing so fast!! Thanks again, have a safe & happy Thanksgiving!


Happy 2021 from Daisy! 

She has fully adapted beautifully into our family, and wishes you all the best for the coming year.

Amy, Steve, Joey, George and Daisy 


Hi Bill and Susan!
This is Catarina and Ezequiel, we drove down to San  Diego in September, to get our wire-haired dachshund puppy, born on July 18th!
We named her Salsa!
We loved your postcard, and wanted to send you a picture of her, all dressed up for Christmas! 
She’s doing amazing, and she is the cutest cuddliest dog in the world – also the friendliest, both to other dogs and also people!
We hope you enjoy seeing the pictures!
Have a lovely week, and happy New Year!


Hi Susan and Bill,
Thanks for the postcard with the reminders about the vaccinations, dog license, and adult dog food.  We are good to go on all of the above.

Hildegard is doing very well.  She is such a joy!  Attached is a recent photo of Hilde warming herself up by the the radiator in her handknit sweater.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season.
Cheers, Miryha 


Happy belated Thanksgiving! I picked up Georgie from you in August and we have had a wonderful few months. She is the friendliest, happiest dog I have ever met and everyone (human or dog) who meets her falls in love. 

Thank you! Eileen