Purina secondnature Dog Litter

070230011916CMany NUFOREST miniature Dachshund puppies go to their new homes already well on their way to being house-trained!  One method we use is to teach our very young puppies to use a litter-box.

When new owners take home a miniature Dachshund puppy, their biggest concern is with house-training.  If the owner can keep the first “accident” from happening the pup is well on it’s way to being trustworthy, loose in the home for the next 12-14 years!

The Purina® secondnature® brand TOTAL HOUSE TRAINING PROGRAM works with puppies’ natural instincts and is a safe, reduced-stress method for housetraining – so puppies can relieve themselves on their own schedule.  For more information or if you have any questions about Purina secondnature®, please feel free to Ask me!! – Susan Buck, (760) 789-0592 E-mail: NUFOREST@AOL.COM