San Diego Dachshund Club

sddcThe San Diego Dachshund Club, a non-profit organization was founded in 1952. The primary focus is on improving the dachshund breed and promotion of dachshunds, all varieties.
Anyone can join, breeders along with pet owners. Information regarding club membership, dues, objectives, club guidelines and outings of The San Diego Dachshund Club are available here.


The San Diego Dachshund Club holds it’s General Meetings on the third Tuesday of each month (except December). The meetings are open to all members and guests. Dachshunds are welcome but must be kept under control, either on a leash, in your lap, or in a crate. The meetings are held at Allied Gardens Recreation Center in San Diego. The meetings begin at 6:30 PM and usually include a pot luck supper, a very brief business meeting, and a program.


The San Diego Dachshund Club offers fun and educational programs each month. Some of the programs presented in the past few months have been:
Dogs and the Law, presented by Amy Janeky
Disaster Preparedness & Firestorm Animal Rescues, presented by the SDCounty Dept. of Animal Services
Micro-Chip Clinic, Dr. Brian Hosking
Beginning Obedience Training, Sue Rucker
The Future of Cloning, Carol Bardwick
The Dachshund Rescue of San Diego, Ralph Aniunas
Dog Food & Canine Nutrition, Sissy McGill
Dog Grooming, Toby Davis
Canine CPR, video presentation
The Dachshund Standard, AKC Video
Dogs and the Art of Stained Glass, presented by Sue and Don Shoemaker


The San Diego Dachshund Club publishes a monthly newsletter. It goes out to over 225 Dachshund families. Newsletter articles cover all facets of life with Dachshunds and other dogs. There are features on grooming, health issues, training, current & coming events. And there is humor, of course, about this so humorous breed.


In December, our “meeting” is our annual club holiday dinner party and gift exchange. The highlight of one of our past holiday parties featured member, JoAnn Ford, playing lovely, uplifting seasonal music on the harp. The gift exchange has seen silly gifts (a rubber chicken), very special gifts (hand carved Dachshund art, Dachshund jewelry), and toys & treats for our dear little dogs.


The February Meeting each year is our club’s Annual Meeting. As new Officers and Board Members are installed, the retiring slate is thanked for their service to the club. Members whose dogs have won awards are acknowledged. Those who have made contributions to the betterment of the Dachshund community or to the overall success of the club are given tokens of appreciation. The San Diego Dachshund Club Memorial Plaque is on display to the membership. Those who have lost a Dachshund dear to their heart can have their dog’s name engraved onto this lovely piece. The dinner is catered and has turned into major club event.


The San Diego Dachshund Club, in an effort to educate the public about our wonderful breed, participates each year in several MEET THE BREED Booth events: Silver Bay Kennel Club, Allied Gardens Community and the San Diego County Fair. The booth committee begins planning months in advance knowing that many people will be introduced to the Dachshund for the first time at these booths. Dachshunds of both sizes, standard and miniature are shown at the booths. There is also a Dachshund of each coat variety (longhair, smooth, and wirehair) so prospective owners can learn about the characteristics of each variety.


The San Diego Dachshund Club Summer Picnic began when a small group of Dachshund owners got together to celebrate the first birthday of Noodle, Ralph Petrozello’s pride and joy; his beloved red mini longhaired Dachshund. This fun annual event has gained popularity each year as more and more doxie’s escort their owners to the park to visit, picnic and enjoy the day’s activities.
In July each year, some 400 to 800 Dachshunds bring their humans from points around the country to the San Diego Dachshund Club Annual Summer Picnic. National television and newspaper coverage has taken the word out of Southern California and we are seeing more and more participants from other states at each picnic.


The San Diego Dachshund Club’s Hallo-Wiener Picnic, held in Balboa Park the Sunday before Halloween each year, is an event you don’t want to miss. Bring your camera to record all the Dachshunds that are dressed as “dog-o-lanterns”, “dog-goblins” and every other costumed beastie you can imagine. The Dachshunds enjoy showing off their finery and owners enjoy the camaraderie!


Join us a few days before Christmas each year for our annual Walkin’ In A Wiener Wonderland. This is a welcome break in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season where we simply stroll with our Dachshunds along the Prado in Balboa Park. As we wander with other Dachshund folks we can stop in at the San Diego Christmas Carol Concert at the Organ Pavilion and join in singing a few of our favorite holiday songs. Even our Dachshunds join the chorus with their harmonic singing voices. Holiday attire is welcome, but not necessary.


The San Diego Dachshund Club holds two Dachshund specialty shows each year. The top winning Dachshunds from all over the country come to San Diego to compete. You will also see top contenders of the future. Many future stars begin their show careers as puppies at our shows.
All who enjoy Dachshunds are WELCOME in the San Diego Dachshund Club!
For Questions, Call or Email Susan Buck. (760) 789-0592 E-mail: NUFOREST@AOL.COM